I am a Jersey girl. Born and bred.

Does that qualify me to write a blog?

I think so. Of course, there are millions of other women that also can say they’re an NJ native. Why am I uniquely different, then, you might wonder?

I guess I’m not. I’m actually not that interesting, or different. But maybe the way I recall my life’s experiences IS. I think I’m the Northern New Jersey typical girl next door. I was a gymnast and a somewhat spoiled upper middle class straight-A student. I went to college in New Jersey. I had a career. (Still do) I married afterwards. I had a few kids. Nothing special, right?

How wrong you are! My life has been a crazy journey. Do I think that YOUR life wasn’t? I’m not saying that! But then again, you probably aren’t blogging about it. If, after coming home from the mall, you think of how boring your day was, maybe it’s best that you don’t blog. If you put me in the same situation, I’d find everything there was that was NOT ordinary, or I’d find the humor or irony in everyday things.

So maybe I am someone you can relate to. Maybe after reading my blog, you won’t find another trip to the Short Hills Mall boring. Maybe, just maybe…

Published by awomansnewjerseyjourney

I am a 30-something woman in New Jersey, practicing yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. I love learning about health, wellness, vitamins, and herbs, as well as sharing the story of my wellness journey with others.

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