Changing Our Views Toward Balance

Our society is all about health these days. That is a good thing. At one time, I felt like I was the only one who fasted, meditated, and did yoga. But now it’s mainstream. However, one part of our society hasn’t really caught up, and that’s health care.

When we go to the doctor, he gives us a script for pills. Sometimes recommendation to see a surgeon. And that’s it. But is there another way? This seems grossly our of tune with the rest of how we are choosing to live our lives: mindfully, focused on wellness, and all about being balanced.

There are other ways to deal with stress, and even injury. Massage Therapy is but one option, with a growing number of studies proving its efficacy. As a licensed massage therapist, it’s clear to me that our society hasn’t yet caught up, when it comes to massage. Most people I encounter are incredulous of its benefits. They also feel strange getting a massage.

Yoga by Matt Madd by CC

The solution? Start off with in-home couples massage. Because it’s at home, there’s a lot less embarrassment. And, of course, having a massage with someone you trust beside you makes it all that much easier.

But Therapeutic Massage isn’t the only thing we need to change. There’s also herbal medicine, diet, and orthomolecular medicine. Many people are wary of taking herbs, thinking that these are somehow very dangerous. If only they’d read the product inserts on the drugs that they get from the doctor, they’d know most herbs are comparatively safer.

Dietary changes can do more than anyone knows. My previous doctor told me that it’s “all in the genes” and that dietary changes were only good for losing weight. How wrong he was! There’s something called epigenetics. It means that genes turn on and off due to diet, state of mind, and what we do with our time. Not just that, but foods have phytonutrients, chemicals that can do a bevy of things for the body, from acting as antioxidants to lowering blood pressure, and so much more.

Orthomolecular medicine refers to using vitamins and supplements to affect change in the body. Again, my old (in the sense of former, but he was also quite aged) physician laughed at me for suggesting this. Too bad there’s been tons of research proving that what you put into your body via your mouth can make you live or die.

Vitamins by Daniel R Blume by CC

Remember, our society is shifting toward a more holistic view of health, but it’s a process yet in its infancy. There’s still a lot more we have to do to get to where we want to me, as a culture. First step: Get rid of your doctor, if she laughs at you. That’s important. And second step: Start researching options on your own. There are many ways to become healthier, and taking pharmaceutical medicine is not really one of them.

Published by awomansnewjerseyjourney

I am a 30-something woman in New Jersey, practicing yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. I love learning about health, wellness, vitamins, and herbs, as well as sharing the story of my wellness journey with others.

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